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Is it ESG? Or Just A Load of E...'BS'…G?

Posted by Jon Robinson on 4/6/21 11:36 AM

Doesn’t it seem like Wall Street can monetize a movement like nobody else? Perhaps that’s what makes it so interesting when one of The Street’s own blows the whistle to question authenticity.

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Topics: Transparency

There are No Old, Bold Investors…

Posted by Jon Robinson on 2/22/21 3:57 PM

Perhaps you’ve heard this saying: “There are old pilots; and there are bold pilots; but there are no old, bold pilots.”

The same applies to investing because at the end of the day – for both pilots and investors – it’s about their respect and tolerance for risk.

Said another way, the key to longevity is survival.

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Topics: Behavioral Finance, Systematic Investing

The 60/40 Isn't Dead...Yet

Posted by Jon Robinson on 1/27/21 1:59 PM

We began writing about the pitfalls of a traditional 60/40 portfolio back before it was trendy. We felt so strongly about the topic that we published a white paper in August of 2018. Some considered us renegades back then for having the audacity to question what had been the bread and butter strategy that helped millions of investors retire comfortably.

But the question is: Will the 60/40 allow the next generation of investors to also retire well?

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Topics: Systematic Investing

Operating As An Entrepreneur Vs. A Business Owner

Posted by Jon Robinson on 12/10/20 3:06 PM

In my view, there is a common misconception that most financial advisors are also entrepreneurs. I do not see the advisory business as being statistically different from any other industry in terms of the mix between business owners/operators and entrepreneurs.

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Topics: Advisor Practice Management

ESG Investing: How It’s Going In the Real World (Part 3)

Posted by Jon Robinson on 12/1/20 2:09 PM

You may have seen or heard about the, “how it it’s going,” trend that’s been going around the internet lately.

The concept is to show the passage of time in two images, often to highlight accomplishments and sometimes purely for comedic value — you’ll find examples of each in this post.

In this blog, which is the last of a three-part series on ESG investing, we’re looking at the, “how it's going,” particularly as it relates to adoption and implementation.

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Topics: Systematic Investing

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