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Examining the traditional 60/40 portfolio in an uncertain rate environment


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Paper Overview

The investment industry is facing a “60/40 problem.” At no point since 1900 have U.S. interest rates been at or near their lows when equities were at or near all-time highs.

Since interest rates last peaked in 1981, advisors have leaned on a 60/40 portfolio allocation to deliver a less-volatile yet reliable return for investors.

In the current environment, advisors have to be more proactive because most market participants today do not recall what happened nearly 40 years ago.

Some advisors may be considering how to economically limit downside exposure if either asset class declines in a meaningful way.

That conundrum is the focus of research by Jon Robinson and Brandon Langley, Co-Founders of Blueprint Investment Partners. Their findings are presented in this white paper, which also considers:

  • What is the "60/40 problem?"

  • Can time diversification enhance a 60/40 portfolio?

  • What if interest rates don't rise?


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