January 2023 Asset Allocation Update

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January 2023 asset allocation changes grid for Blueprint Investment Partners risk-managed global portfolios

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U.S. Equities: Exposure will decrease as the intermediate-term timeframe reverts to a downtrend. The long-term timeframe remains in a downtrend.

International Equities: Exposure will not change, as foreign developed continues to experience an intermediate-term uptrend; their long-term trend remains negative. Emerging markets remain in downtrends across both timeframes. 

Real Estate: Exposure will not change from its minimum allocation, as both the intermediate- and long-term timeframes remain in downtrends.

U.S. & International Treasuries: Exposure will not change, as international Treasuries maintain their intermediate-term uptrend; their long-term trend remains negative. Both timeframes for U.S. Treasuries remains negative.

Inflation-Protected Bonds: Exposure will not change and is at its minimum allocation due to downtrends across both timeframes.

Alternatives: Exposure will not change, as gold continues to have an intermediate-term uptrend but the long-term timeframe remains in a downtrend.

Short-Term Fixed Income: Exposure will increase, as it takes on exposure from U.S. equities. 

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