Podcast: Like a Fitness Trainer Who Can Do the Exercise for You

Let’s say you want to drop a few pounds or improve your physical strength. You might hire a trainer to help create a plan and provide guidance.

Now imagine your trainer wasn’t just there for encouragement, but could actually do the exercise for you? That’d be a gamer changer!

That’s how an outsourced systematic investment manager helps financial advisors eliminate behavioral bias and stick to the process: by doing “the exercise” for them.

This analogy resonated with me following my conversation with the hosts of the Boston Institute of Finance’s Podcast.

You can listen to the full episode of the BIF Bites Podcast below.

Podcast Image

We covered a lot of ground:

  • An anecdote about the role an unexpected FedEx delivery played in Blueprint’s origin story (skip to 15:15)

  • How a systematic, trend-following process eliminates behavioral biases advisors and investors may fall into when managing money, as well as provides an engine for asset allocation rather than market timing (skip to 29:55)

  • ESG investing, specifically our belief that it’s possible to allow investors to align their passions with their investments without sacrificing risk management to get there (skip to 45:15)

  • Our belief that investment managers like Blueprint should engage with their advisor clients similar to how those same advisors act in the best interests of their clients — in other words, we seek to serve our advisor clients by building deep relationships at scale and supporting their practice management (skip to 51:30)





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