After the Bull Run?

Posted by Jon Robinson on 6/6/19 9:56 AM

In 2009, few could have imagined a 10-year bull market, the longest in U.S. history. To the delight of multitudes of investors (those who remained invested anyway), here we stand, giddy from experiencing record-high stock prices and record-low volatility.

But will it last?

Research shows that two-thirds of institutional investors believe the bull market in stocks will reach its end this year. Further, they expect the next financial crisis to come in one to five years, according to a Natixis survey.

The eternal question for financial advisors:

How do you instill discipline in clients when they face emotionally charged environments?

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Topics: Advisor Practice Management, Behavioral Finance, Systematic Investing

Emotional Intelligence - Introvert or Extrovert?

Posted by Tommy Mayes on 5/20/19 3:59 PM

Approximate Reading time: Three minutes and 30 seconds

Recently I was listening to an excellent podcast (link here) in which Michael Kitces was interviewing Manisha Thakor (founder of Money Zen) about building your own media brand in an authentic way. Yes, that is a buzzword-filled subject, but I was curious. For at least the first 30 minutes or so, they talked at length about being introverts, surprising given that they make their living speaking in front of people and both have huge relationship networks. This conversation spoke to me, as I am an introvert, so I thought I would share a few observations and recommend some followup reading. Enjoy.

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Investing, Free Solo

Posted by Jon Robinson on 5/8/19 3:47 PM

On June 3, 2017, rock climber Alex Honnold completed the first-ever free solo (ahem, no ropes) of Yosemite National Park’s epic El Capitan.

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Topics: Behavioral Finance

Smart Beta - A Tool and Not a Strategy

Posted by Jon Robinson on 4/24/19 1:42 PM

Blueprint believes a major preoccupation for investment advisors and financial planners has become their clients’ emotional quotient (EQ), as it surpasses the intelligence quotient (IQ) in the advisor value chain.

Advisors studying the Blueprint approach to systematic investing often ask the question of how Blueprint’s investment methodology differs from Smart Beta strategies that similarly rely on quantitative modeling.

Before answering this question, allow us to provide some context.

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Topics: Behavioral Finance, Systematic Investing

An Alternative to Liquid Alternatives - Updated

Posted by Jon Robinson and Joe Crawford on 4/11/19 10:25 AM

Nearly a year and a half ago, we published an original piece entitled “An Alternative to Liquid Alternatives.” At the time, we wrote: “many of the currently investible vehicles have not been truly tested in a dramatic drawdown environment like 2008.” Since publication, the investing landscape has changed substantially; interest rates are rising, the S&P 500 has endured a 20% drawdown, and the yield curve has inverted, to name just a few of the many notable developments.

Given the path of global markets since Oct 2017, there has been ample opportunity for liquid alts to prove their mettle, so we thought it was time to update the data for one of our most popular blogs. Let’s look at the revised story…

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Topics: Behavioral Finance, Systematic Investing

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