Forbes Interview: Systematic investing & the rise of emotional intelligence


We at Blueprint are excited to share with our readers and friends a fantastic interview with Jon Robinson and Tommy Mayes by Forbes contributor Peter Hans.  In it, Jon, Tommy, and Peter discuss systematic investing, emotional intelligence, liquid alternatives, and more.  Blueprint's story and background is also explored, providing valuable insight into how and why we do what we do.  We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to have this discussion with Peter, and hope that you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed telling it. 

Below is a brief excerpt or you can read the full interview by clicking here.




Peter Hans: So at a high level, how do you go about executing a strategy that is both a cost-effective, and tax-friendly core allocation and a liquid alternative replacement with favorable characteristics like low drag in bull markets and non-correlation?

Jon Robinson: We believe the three greatest risks to investors are behavior biases, the loss of compounding from large losses, and the opportunity cost of being too conservative. As numerous studies show, the average investor underperforms the market by aggressively buying at the highs and selling at the lows. Our process slowly reduces exposure in the early stages of bear markets and steadily increases before bull markets pick up steam. These actions solve for all three of those risks by having a calming effect on clients, reducing drawdowns, and capturing favorable return environments. 

Peter Hans:  Human behavior is a tough problem to solve. How do you look at a successful client relationship?

Tommy Mayes: First and foremost, the success of our clients is our success, and nothing can substitute for an advisor who is pleased with our work. We believe that our strategies are well suited for goals-based advisors and financial planners. As alluded to before, we designed our processes to be advisor and client friendly. In the context of achieving goals, our strategies are also behaviorally sound and assist the advisor in managing client expectations during periods of market volatility.

Access the full interview by clicking here.

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