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It's Time for the Shock Absorbers

Posted by Tommy Mayes on 8/27/18 11:08 AM


I returned from a nice long visit to Paris last week, relaxed and without a care in the world.  Then I read the news. Yesterday, an investment banker told me he was worried about the Four T’s - Trump, Tariffs, Trade and Turkey.  Blueprint is not a macro firm and makes no economic pronouncements, but if your investment portfolio has been riding the wave of up-vol and peak beta (yes, volatility goes in both directions), it is time to make sure that your portfolio includes strategies that will buffer the down-vol, because it is inevitable.  A former colleague likes to call these “shock absorbers”.  Have you ever ridden in a car without good shocks?  It is not comfortable.

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Topics: Advisor Practice Management, Behavioral Finance, Systematic Investing

Robo: Evolution, not Revolution - Just as We Thought

Posted by Tommy Mayes on 7/23/18 3:15 PM


Last May’s blog, in which I shared our observations about the Robo industry, if you can call it an industry, is proving to be on target. You cannot charge a fee for something that should already be free (Beta), and ignore the one thing that you can charge for, advice and a human touch! The list of robos in the graveyard is the proof.

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Topics: Advisor Practice Management, Systematic Investing

Grow Up and be a Fiduciary, Please!

Posted by Tommy Mayes on 7/9/18 4:49 PM


Like the networks in the summertime who replay their episodes to recycle good material, I thought a revisit of the much discussed and maligned DOL Fiduciary Rule was in order due to its recent vacating by the 5th Circuit Court in New Orleans.  With or without the rule, it is time for the industry to step up!

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Topics: Advisor Practice Management, Transparency

This is Insulting to our (Artificial) Intelligence!

Posted by Tommy Mayes on 6/25/18 2:43 PM


Ok, now we have seen it all.  Maybe.

Imagine if you will, it is again February 2009.  The market, perhaps the world, is in a freefall.  And you see an incoming call from your brokerage firm that you are relieved to receive, because you really need proactive advice and wise counsel.

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Topics: Advisor Practice Management, Behavioral Finance

The Sundown Rule

Posted by Tommy Mayes on 5/17/18 2:24 PM


Back in the dark ages when I started my career in banking, the pace of work and communication was entirely different.  Imagine a world with no mail other than what came with a stamp on it or in an interoffice envelope (who remembers those?).  Your phone messages came on a pink slip of paper and you dictated your memos.  You could actually choose to leave your work at the office.  Of course, the biggest change today is that you literally carry your office around in your pocket or a backpack.  (Briefcases are gone as well.)

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Topics: Advisor Practice Management, Transparency

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