Death of a Wholesaler: The Future of Asset Management Marketing

Posted by Mike Carlone on 7/2/20 1:42 PM

I'll start off by saying that prior to joining Blueprint, I was nicknamed "MC Spammer."

Yeah, that's right.

It was funny…at first.

In fact, I joined Blueprint because I knew there had to be a different way of engaging and partnering with advisors: no scripts, no "hard close," just creating value, and permitting interested advisors to reach out to us. But, for this approach to work, buy-in and patience is required – everyone on the team must be onboard.

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Elite Advisor Playbook: A Response to McKinsey

Posted by Jon Robinson on 6/18/20 2:05 PM

While advisor practice management has long been a part of our content cadence, the response to our recently published whitepaper, The Elite Advisor Playbook, has left no question as to how we can continue to help advisors seeking to deliver excellence both in asset and practice management. We knew there was an appetite for these ideas but must concede we underestimated the extent to which financial advisors are yearning for practical solutions.

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The Elite Advisor Playbook

Posted by The Blueprint Team on 6/4/20 2:58 PM

Blueprint’s core client is the independent financial advisor. They tend to be planning-focused, tech-savvy, and very entrepreneurial, as many either started as an independent or broke away from a wirehouse. Over the years, we have developed institutional knowledge about the behaviors, tactics, and strategies employed by the most effective advisors – advisors that the industry deems ‘ELITE’. 

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Topics: Advisor Practice Management, Systematic Investing

FA Magazine Interview: Redefining Prudent Investing

Posted by Jon Robinson on 5/14/20 12:37 PM

We are excited to share with our readers and friends a fantastic interview with Jon Robinson by Financial Advisor magazine featured columnist, Bill Hortz. In it, Jon and Bill discuss managing risk in a post-pandemic world, key questions advisors should be asking of their asset managers, and what represents prudent investing today. Blueprint's philosophy and story are also explored, providing valuable insight into how and why we do what we do. We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to have this discussion with Bill and hope that you enjoy reading it.

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Topics: Systematic Investing

Risk Management In Motion (May Update)

Posted by The Blueprint Team on 5/5/20 1:42 PM

Clients and partners of Blueprint know how much we value communication and transparency. We are not shy about being transparent (some would say to a fault), from putting our exact investment rules on our website to explaining in detail how these rules work. One thing that we (and the world) are learning in 2020 is that despite how we miss interacting with our clients, friends, and partners in person, we can still add value and communicate effectively through a variety of other, tech-driven mediums. Case in point: as of December 2019, the number of free and paid Zoom meeting participants was 10 million; today, it's 300 million!

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Topics: Transparency, Systematic Investing

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