Blueprint offers a true all-weather portfolio

If the markets are in a “business as usual” mode, then your portfolio will look similar to other investment strategies you may be familiar with.

But, when unique market events arise, your portfolio will automatically adjust.

Here’s what this process can look like during four common market conditions

Adaptive global investment strategy legend
adaptive global investment mutual fund examples

This adaptive approach gives Blueprint the flexibility to manage risk for you, regardless of the market environment.

Blueprint strategies are unique because they offer

asset class diversification iconAsset class diversification
You gain exposure across several major global asset classes in a single investment vehicle

rules based process iconA rules-based process
Your capital can be protected during times of prolonged market volatility because the repeatable process for making all portfolio decisions leaves no room for emotional decision-making during times of euphoria or fear

managing downside risk iconA focus on managing downside risk
Your portfolio is constructed in a way that aims to preserve your investment during market downtrends (like the “coronacrash” of March 2020), which can be particularly important if you’re around retirement age

automatic adjustments iconAutomatic adjustments in response to market changes
Your portfolio naturally adapts when there are uptrends/downtrends in an asset class, interest rate change, volatility arises, and inflation/deflation occurs

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For more information, see Form ADV Part 2A & Form CSR (Part 3) on the Blueprint website.

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